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It all started in 1986

Scarface Charley was created by Brett Smith and Adam Elesh in 1986 as Drowning Pool's own record label.

In 1985 we were invited to be part of Viva Record's (out of Italy) second release, Viva Los Angeles II, with the song "Festival of Healing". Shortly thereafter, we were offered our own release on Viva entitled "Drowning Pool". Despite the great reception these releases received, we were impatient to secure a domestic record deal. We were hoping to be signed by our favorite label at the time but, at the last minute, this deal fell through. So, we decided to go ahead and release our own music domestically and, in so doing, retain full creative control.

The "Green" Album 1986 and the creation of Scarface Charley

The "Green" album launched Scarface Charley. It was recorded at Evan Williams Studios in Costa Mesa, California in the fall of 1986. Chris Maneke of the Abecedarians (under the moniker R.P. McMurphy) lent his creative genius to the production. This was the first release by, what would come to be, our own Scarface Charley Records. After the completion of this work we were approached by Caroline Records who offered us a distribution deal. We were rolling.

Scarface Charley has so far released music by Drowning Pool, Mumbles™, and the phenomenal KinderCrowdControl™ who's first two releases "Selah" and "Songs To Saadet" are a must. Scarface Charley continues to be the creative umbrella under which Brett Smith, Adam Elesh and Thea Ulrich record and package their musical output. Please check New Projects for more information on upcoming releases, news, performances and re-releases. Be sure to check back for the release of McMurphy & Me "Tragic Symphonie"; a 6 song masterpeice from 1984 featuring Adam Elesh, Chris Manecke (from the Abecedarians), and Richie Lee (who would go on to form Acetone).
Enjoy your stay here and thank you for your time in advance.

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