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KinderCrowdControl™ "Selah" Reviews coming in:

By Marco G (5 Stars) "Loved it!"

I listened to this CD from one of my favorite 90's bands, the original Drowning Pool.
This was written 20 years later and is as avant garde as any original music from this band. Soft guitar riffs lead into layering of multi instrumentals that rise to a crescendo of intensely symphonic music that fill your living room as if the total orchestra were there. Eclectic in the choice of songs that range from a touch of Peter Gabriel to Brian Eno to Led Zeppelin with a hint of Middle Eastern beats.
This is a "MUST" to have in your collection of music!!!!

By high numbers (5 Stars)

Adam, Brett and Companies BEST work ever. After a thirst, lasting around 20 years, this album does more than quench it. Signature mid '80's "Drowning Pool" sound and style that has evolved and matured. Not one track on this album is filler. At 23 minutes long...don't blink or you might miss something. Perfect sound quality. Perfect mix. Perfect arrangements. Best song writing ever. Their new work defies genre (unless they choose to re-label themselves). The dynamics, variety and brevity of these new tunes is seriously overwhelming. My favorite track (so far) is #3 'The Heat Seeker'. Although this release could be titled 'Greatest Hits' I sure hope there is more to come.
Cheers and congadulations to all involved in this project. Thank you all VERY much.

P.S. Very nice art work and packaging as well.

By Eugene Sotela "" (5 Stars)

This is the first official new release in 20 years from the original Drowning Pool out of southern California. Brett Smith and Adam Elesh have returned with new ideas, sounds, and melodies. The album opens up brightly with "Airborn" with Adam's unique guitar style followed by Brett's heavy bass. This album takes off from where their 1989 Aphonia left off but these songs sounds more positive and full of new fresh energy. A lighter side of Drowning Pool is present throughout. All 7 tracks on this album are instrumental.
My favorite track off this album, "Return of Robin Goodfellow", opens with birds chirping and a nice acoustic guitar which reminds me of "Water" from Aphonia. This beautiful piece of music moves along guided by Brett's soft bass and nice strings provided by the Mount Angelus Sympathy Orchestra. This song takes me to a place that I don't want to return from, a place of beauty and calm. "The Heat Seeker" follows gently with nice guitar strumming but quickly launches into a fury of guitar and percussion sounds taking me back to "Din" off of Aphonia. There are samples of dialog throughout that keep me guessing as to their source material. At one point in this song the drums get very funky making me glance at the credits and trying to figure out who is this Sam Puelle that's credited on drums and percussion. Is he a new member to the band or a hired studio session player. Also, to note is the use of the Theremin to do lead guitar solos!!
"Silent Blue" shows that this new music by Adam and Brett can cross over into today's electronica scene as the rhythms and melodies on this track remind me of the IDM - drum n' bass tracks that are quite favored by electronica fans.
"Godchord" announces itself with blaring trumpet sounds in the beginning taking this album into a different direction. Once again, drummer Samuel Puelle lays down heavy beats as Adam and Brett give this track a classic 70's Bowie sound. Halfway through this song a very nice melody emerges on keyboard and Adam's guitar joins in on the fun. This piece has to be heard to be believed as the melody become an ear worm spiraling and never losing control lifting the listener to a new level of a listening experience.
"Lovebomb" reminds me of the some instrumental avante garde tracks that Drowning Pool did with their 1991 Mumbles - Two Clouds release. This song is probably the darkest track on this album if you can even say there are any dark tracks on it! Definitely a serious sounding tune. It does have a melancholy sound taking me to my teen years when I felt alone and faced with decisions that I had to make for myself.
"Marwar Junction" opens with the sounds of train departing its station and taking a journey into an uncertain future. The guitar and bass almost have a western feel taking me back to the early Drowning Pool tracks like "Petit Malfacteur" and "Trueblood".
One final note to the collectors out there. This release was pressed up in a strictly limited edition pressing of 1,000 numbered copies with packaging done by Los Angeles Independent Project Records legend Bruce Licher. All recyclable materials were used with the exception of the factory pressed silver disc itself. Definitely a must.



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