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Mumbles "Two Clouds" 1990

Mumbles™ was created as a experimental side project by Brett Smith, Adam Elesh and Jon Thomas of Drowning Pool. This was a primarily instrumental sojourn, intended as a musical and emotional break from Drowning Pool. Though, in the end, the overall result was a little scattered, "Two Clouds" demonstrates the immense depth of the players' creative pool they drew from. From the sonder-thunderclap of "Blue Vishnu", to the lap steel roar of "Johnny Go", this release has something for every taste. The song "Utah Smith" is rather an amazing piece, and all the more astonishing, in that it pre-dates what Moby would take to the stars 10 years later on "Play". It is a must for anyone who enjoys diverse, eclectic, avant-garde music. It would be interesting to have a compilation of different bands each interpreting one song of this intriguing opus. Click here to see track listings and CD art in detail.

Track listings:

Blue Vishnu • Pipe & Drum • Johnny Go • Hearthmaker • Mother Harvest • Diamond • Utah Smith • Star Crossed† • Lullaby Blue • White Out • Nuit Blanche • Two Clouds • American Gothic

† Words from the poem "Star Crossed Lovers" by Charles J. Walker

Recorded at Pol Pot's Pleasure Palace 1990
All songs ©2008 Drowning Pool Music BMI/ gnatmusic

"Utah Smith" ©2008 Drowning Pool Music BMI/gnatmusic

"Johnny Go" ©2008 Drowning Pool Music BMI/gnatmusic

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