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McMurphy & Me "Tragic Symphonie" is our next release.

mcmurphy & me coverSoon to be available here, the long lost sessions of McMurphy & Me; 6 songs recorded in 1984 by Chris Manecke of the Abecedarians; Adam Elesh, who was concurrently creating Drowning Pool; and Richie Lee, who would go on to establish Acetone. These songs seeds were sown by Adam, but grown to maturity by Chris and Richie. Recorded in 1984 in Chris’ room on his Tascam 4 track, here is a snap shot of 3 brilliant young men, still flush with youth, who believed that talent would equal success.
For any fans of the Abecedarians, the ORIGINAL Drowning Pool, or Acetone, this wünderkind recording is a must. Special thanks goes out to Kirk Burns and Randy LeMasters for finding these lost treasures and bringing them to Eugene Sotela, who brought them to us. Many, many thanks. Several of these tracks we hadn't heard since 1985!

"Satori" re-release is now available!

satori cd re-releaseThe long awaited "Satori" re-release is finally finished. For those of you who own the original records, hang onto them, they are now collector items (mouse over image). For those initiates, the artwork is pictured above. The re-mastered tracks sound incredible. This is a "must have" from one of L.A.'s most original groups. You can purchase this masterpeice on the music by Drowning Pool page. Features 3 bounus tracks, including a fantastic 4-track version of "Edith, Hold Out Your Hand", "Song To The Chumash" and a 2009 remix of "The Art Of Waiting". 16 Tracks total, over 80 minutes of extraordinary music. Order Now.

"Green" CD and "Aphonia" continue to reach new audiences.

Having digitally re-mastered "Green" and "Aphonia" CDs, we are excited to find previous fans coming out of the woodwork, and a new excited audience discovering music by Drowning Pool for the first time. We were actually asked to play an "emerging artist" festival when one listener heard our music on MYSpace. The capabilities of todays digital musical technological advances have given our music a sound quality that simply was not possible when it was originally recorded and mastered. Even if you already own the records, we strongly suggest you purchase the CDs from us of these two releases. The sound quality is amazing. "Green" features bonus track "Sparrow"; "Aphonia" features bonus track "Dulce Periculum". Special thanks here goes out to Eugene Sotela for all his efforts in bringing all our music to a wider audience. He is currently releasing hard to find material through his "Stealing History" releases. He also manages the Drowning Pool 84 pages on Myspace and KinderCrowdControl Facebook pages.

The second 15 song digital release by KinderCrowdControl™ entitled "Songs To Saadet" is available January 1st, 2016 on cdbaby, itunes, soundexchange, greatindiemusic, google music stores, amazon, shazam, and 24-7! We are proud to announce we have been joined by the beautiful and very talented Thea Ulrich on vocals. Thea is a RISD graduate and an ex Cirque Du Soleil performer. She's amazing. Check out "Songs To Saadet" for her debut with the band.

songs to saadet coverthea ulrich Thea Ulrich by Edem


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