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The place to purchase music by the ORIGINAL Drowning Pool.

Below are our releases which are as follows: (samples require Quicktime)

original drowning Pool green cd1. Sparrow 2. Romans 3. What of Singing Birds Anyway? 4. Open Palms 5. Pogrom 6. Broken Jawed Woman Says 7. New Tremblin Fingers 8. Edith, Hold Out Your Hand 9. P.E. 26 10. Paradise Found


New Tremblin' Fingers

All songs ©2008 Drowning Pool Music BMI/ gnatmusic

original drowning pool aphonia cd icon1. Dulce Periculum 2. Black Baghdad 3. Tap Tap 4. Shimmy 5. Water 6. Din 7. Chevalier MacGregor 8. The Italian Pop Song 9. Trueblood 10. The Vanishing Prairie

Dulce Periculum

Black Baghdad

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©2011/12 Scarface Charley/ Drowning Pool Music BMI /KinderCrowdControl™

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