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The Satori re-release is finally finished! We have digitally re-mastered the analog master tapes, cleaning the tracks up in order to deliver the best possible sound quality to these masterpieces. This release includes 3 bonus tracks; an incredible 4-track version of "Edith, Hold Out Your Hand"; "Song To The Chumash", and a 2009 remix of "The Art Of Waiting". Buy now!

"Satori" 2009
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1. Petit Malfacteur 2. Uncork The Mind 3. Festival of Healing 4. Ruts
5. Nierika 6. Game Room 7. Ritual Regeneration/Toy Soldiers 8. Fired From Within 9. You Are My Rescue 10. Weaving Petals 11. Muted Streak 12. Master Bebra 13. Ghirlandaio's Apprentice/ MacCaulay Call
14. Edith, Hold Out Your Hand (4-track version; amazing) 15. Song To The Chumash 16. The Art Of Waiting (2009 remix)

Festival Of Healing

Weaving Petals

The Art Of Waiting

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